Tired of the same old fight?

We offer intensive treatment for couples to shift deep routed issues and move couples to true intimacy.

Repair your relationship, now

Do you seek improved communication, greater intimacy, less conflict, more connection in your relationship? Talk to me, I can help!

Our approach to couples is direct and effective with the goal of making deep lasting changes. We believe true intimacy is possible when we fully understand our individual psyches and come to a place of rest within ourselves. To that effect, as couples therapy unfolds, we may also work individually with one or both of the partners to help you move through your own blocks to intimacy. Although this is a little unorthodox in the psychology world, we have found this approach to be very effective, as we can move simultaneously in one direction.

Intimacy exists in the space between two people. When we stand still within ourselves and identify our deepest essence we can experience love in the true meaning of the word. To do so we must become conscious of the veils that we hide behind, the masks of our psyche and shed the layers of reactivity that are barriers to intimacy. To reveal ourselves takes courage but when we do so love is electric. Our approach will walk you along this path to truth and love.

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