Dr. Laurie McCormick, Psychiatrist Iowa City

Laurie McCormick, MD, DFAPA

I am a holistic and board-certified psychiatrist and family physician, dedicated to treating the whole person. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection to treat illness and restore balanced wellness. I am passionate about working with patients who want to learn about the various biological, psychological, and sociological factors that have led to illness states and then working collaboratively with patients to help them not only get better but fully optimize their potential for a full and satisfying life.

I have 19 years of post-residency experience treating a variety of medical and mental health conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to more specialized conditions such as ADHD, OCD, panic disorder as well as treatment-resistant depression, bipolar and schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and eating disorders in all age ranges. I am also a distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and have conducted research/published several studies done to better understand the etiological basis of a variety of mental illnesses. During my 10-year tenure in medical academia at the University of Iowa, I have also been involved in several areas of clinical and research supervision as well as mental health education and advocacy a the local, state, national and international levels. I have been in private practice in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands since 2013 and with the Rein Center in Iowa City since 2018.

Areas of expertise: treatment-resistant depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, OCD as well as LGBTQ, stepfamily, and cultural sensitivity issues.

Board Certified Psychiatrist Iowa City

Treatment options available include psychotherapy, psychotropic medication, genetic testing, laboratory testing, functional and integrative medicine approaches, health coaching for nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness/meditation practices. The unique benefits of being in private practice allow for longer appointments (90 minutes for intakes, 30-60 minutes for follow-up appointments) and closer follow-up appointments (weekly) until a patient's condition is stabilized.