If you experience panic attacks, constant worry, restlessness, agitation or fear, lets talk, we can help!

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Treatment for Anxiety Iowa City

Do you experience the following symptoms of anxiety?

Constant worry about money, health, work, friends, relationships?
Fears that something bad is going to happen?
Difficulty feeling comfortable in social situations?
Stomach aches or headaches?
Muscle tension?
Chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations?
Panic or anxiety attacks?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Avoid anxiety invoking activities or places?
Flashbacks or anxious memories?
Specific fears or phobias?
Obsessive or Compulsive behaviour?

If you answer yes to some or all of these symptoms, call us, we can help. We offer a integrative approach to the treatment of anxiety that addresses the body mind and spirit. Drawn from traditional psychological therapy and mind-body wellness programs, our approach will assist you to:

• Soothe your mind and shift negative thinking
• Learn Coping Mechanisms to deal with symptoms of depression
• Feel better physically
• Increase sleep and energy
• Make changes in your life to support a healthier way of being
• Learn communication skills to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict
• Address and understand the root causes of your depression
• Understand the triggers of your depression and solve present day issues that are contributing
• Identify and heal old wounds
• Help you move along the path towards freedom from pain and suffering, happiness and eventually bliss.

Individual Psychotherapy

If you are suffering from symptoms of anxiety, all us, we can help!

We offer treatment for adults, children and youths.

Our approach to the treatment of anxiety is holistic and incorporates cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, mind-body wellness practices, mindfulness, yoga principles and a deep understanding of Chinese Medicine and the role of Western Medicine.

Treatment for anxiety involves a top-down- bottom up approach where we will address both physical and psychological contributing factors to anxiety. We provide psycho-education in an easy to understand format so you can begin to immediately feel more in control and understand the multitude of steps available to reduce your anxiety. Individual treatment also provides an opportunity to go further into understanding and release the root triggers of your anxiety and how to make changes at a deep level to prevent the recurrence of anxiety.

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