Workshops & Events

These 6 week workshops will blend psychotherapy principles and yoga practices to educate your mind, relax your body and let your essence breathe a littler deeper. No yoga experience necessary. Each class will be 1 hour and 45 minutes in length and incorporate a progressive series that introduces and develops your understanding of psychological theory, yoga postures, breath work and meditation, and psychological techniques.

Each session will comprise approximately 20 minutes of psycho-eduction, 60 minutes of Asana (yoga postures) and 25 minutes of psychological techniques (meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis etc). There will be a small portion of time also allotted for journal writing and group discussion but this will not be a psychotherapy group. The yoga portion will be designed to accommodate all levels of yoga experience. Participants can expect to transition from the initial stage of distress to a greater sense of knowledge, agency and peace of mind.

Psychotherapy Yoga Programs

for Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Chronic Pain

Freedom From Anxiety with Dr. Amy Rein

Yoga Psychotherapy Workshop for Anxiety

6 Week yoga psychotherapy workshop for the treatment of anxiety.
No yoga experience necessary.

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Understand the root causes of anxiety
  • Help you to identify personal triggers and strategies for dealing with them
  • Educate you on the fight or flight mechanism and what is happening in your body
  • Learn techniques to identify and address negative thinking
  • Learn mind-body approaches to reduce symptoms of anxiety

From Darkness Into Light with Dr. Amy Rein

6 Week yoga psychotherapy workshop for the treatment of depression.
No yoga experience necessary.

The workshop will support you in your journey to;

  • Understand depression from a mind-body perspective with an opportunity
  • to explore your own path
  • Learn self-soothing skills to ease the pain of depression
  • Address negative thinking and negative self-talk to free yourself from further harm
  • Understand how defense mechanisms both help and hinder recovery and moving
  • toward more effective ways to protect yourself from distress
  • Identify and Releasing

Live Fully with Dr. Amy Rein

Yoga Psychotherapy Workshop for Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness

6 Week yoga psychotherapy workshop for the treatment of chronic pain and chronic illness.

  • Learn pain management technique and mind body wellness principles to better
  • understand and manage pain and illness. This workshop will blend psychotherapy
  • techniques with gentle and restorative yoga postures to help you increase your
  • awareness your mind-body consciousness and achieve deep states of relaxation.

Stress Free Living with Dr. Amy Rein

Yoga Psychotherapy Workshop for Stress and Anxiety Management

6 Week yoga psychotherapy workshop for stress and anxiety management.

  • Free your self from stress. This workshop aims to increase mind-body consciousness
  • of how we hold stress in our bodies. You will learn techniques to better manage stress,
  • reduce tension in the body and enjoy greater vitality and meaning in your life.