We offer a series of yoga classes for spiritual growth, deep stress reduction, anxiety treatment and treatment for depression. If you are looking for more than just a good stretch our yoga programs will open your heart, expand your mind and strengthen your body. Rein Center yoga offer a fusion of strong breathe-based alignment practice, a focus on mediation and pranayama ( breathing exercises) with a deep understanding of yoga psychology and philosophy. We recommend incorporating all of yoga and mediation programs into your weekly schedule to balance both mind and body.


Try these meditations to increase mind-body awareness. They are great for stress related illness, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and will help promote greater relaxation and relief from what ails. We recommend an 8 week practice if you desire significant change. Don't worry about doing it right, just practice.

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Body Scan Meditation

This meditation is great for stress, anxiety, chronic pain and increasing both mindfulness and mind-body awareness. Research shows that a daily practice of this meditation over the next 8 weeks will change your brain!

Self Hypnosis for Insomnia

This meditation is great for people whose racing mind keeps them from falling asleep or for people who wake in the middle of the night.

Belly Breathing

​Belly Breathing is very effective in the treatment of panic attacks. If you are suffering from anxiety or panic please call us to find out about effective treatment.