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About Rein Center

Integrated Psychiatry, Psychology & Therapy Services located in Iowa City, IA

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Rein Center offers an integrative approach to address your psychological needs. 

We strive to support your growth beyond the resolution of symptoms to optimize your well-being and help you live life fully.  In addition to teaching tools for symptom reduction, addressing underlying and interacting physical issues, and using precision medicine to fine-tune your medication and supplements prescriptions, our treatment aims to unlock and release the root cause of physical and emotional distress to free not only the mind but to unleash the full expression of the true Self. Our approach draws on principles of functional medicine and integrative psychiatry, in-depth psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and lifestyle coaching to support your journey to well-being and the full expression of your best self. 

Our mission is to promote the psychological and physiological health of our patients through the delivery of confidential, prompt, and effective evidence-based psychiatric and psychological services that address the root cause of your distress. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive mind-body wellness program that may include psychotherapy, medication management, medication deprescribing, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness meditation, psychoeducational skills training, ketamine treatment, and dietary and nutritional personalized medicine.  Our integrative and comprehensive approach aims to treat the whole person, mind, body, and spirit.

We are passionate about collaborating with each other as well as complementary medical providers to treat whatever is ailing our patients. Our psychotherapy team and psychiatric providers interact daily and have the support they need when working on challenging issues or needs. Drs. Rein and McCormick each have over 25 years of clinical experience and are readily available to consult on your treatment and ensure that your treatment plan is thorough and comprehensive.