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Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain services offered in Iowa City, IA

Chronic pain can deeply impact your quality of life, causing missed work, missed social events, and low personal and professional productivity. Rein Center in Iowa City, Iowa, offers in-person and telehealth services from a team of psychiatric and pain management specialists to help you manage your chronic pain. For integrative chronic pain management in person or via telehealth, call Rein Center or schedule an appointment online today. 

Chronic Pain Q & A

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than three months. Acute pain resolves itself in less time, either independently or with treatment. If you have chronic pain, it may be pain from an injury that has outlasted the healing period, or it may come from a long-term underlying condition. 

In any case, finding a way to manage your chronic pain is crucial for maintaining your quality of life. Rein Center provides integrative care for many types of chronic pain, including conventional and holistic options that either reduce the pain or improve other resulting symptoms like immobility. 

You get a personalized care plan that addresses your pain type and severity. As you repeatedly visit Rein Center, the specialists offer helpful support and can make changes to your care plan if necessary. 

Which conditions cause chronic pain?

The most common causes of chronic pain fall into two categories:

Chronic pain from an acute illness or injury

The majority of acute illnesses, such as infections and injuries like broken bones, resolve over a short period of time and take the pain with them when they go. However, in a minority of cases, pain from an acute condition can outlast the condition itself. You can also experience chronic post-surgical pain after an operation. 

Chronic pain from a chronic health condition

There are chronic health conditions that cause long-term pain. While this pain may be more expected than chronic pain from an acute illness or injury, it can get worse over time or fluctuate as the underlying condition evolves. Common examples include cancer, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

How can I manage my chronic pain?

Rein Center helps you manage your chronic pain through integrative care, with many available options to reduce your discomfort. After a detailed evaluation, the specialists create a personalized pain management plan that might involve:

  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Wellness-oriented lifestyle changes (e.g., meditation, yoga)
  • Mindfulness and counseling
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Medical marijuana

Psychotherapy is often a crucial part of chronic pain management that can help you cope with stress and other psychological challenges of living with chronic pain. If you have depression or anxiety alongside chronic pain, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy may be part of your treatment.

Rein Center strives to place you at the center of your care and supports you as you make decisions about your treatment. Most people with chronic pain benefit from a treatment plan with multiple strategies to manage their health and wellness.

Call Rein Center or schedule an appointment online to learn more about your holistic chronic pain management options today.