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Canzadie Ozbourne Nigro

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa City, IA

Canzadie Ozbourne Nigro

Canzadie Ozbourne Nigro, LMHC, is a licensed mental health counselor at the Rein Center, an integrative psychiatry practice based in Iowa City, Iowa. 

She has a passion for learning and incorporating various techniques into her treatment approach. 

Canzadie received her master's degree from Upper Iowa University in 2018. She completed her internship at MercyOne Horizons substance abuse and mental health center. 

She believes this has given her an added perspective into the struggle that clients and their families face on a daily basis. She spent a few years working in community mental health serving clients with schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. Canzadie also has a special interest in career counseling, hoarding disorder, and working with victims of narcissistic personality disorder.

Canzadie has lived in Iowa most of her life, and she is a wife and mother of a large blended family. She understands the issues new step-parents face and can offer added support when joining two established families together. She spent her childhood on a farm and enjoys the outdoors, fur babies of all types, camping, hiking, and fishing. When she is not outside, she spends time playing video games with her children, working on home improvement projects with her husband, and working with animal rescue and rehabilitation fostering as needed.